Georgia Educators Take on the Governor

A recently formed group called GREATER — Georgia Researchers, Educators, and Advocates for Teacher Evaluation Reform — sent a letter to Gov. Nathan Deal, State Superintendent John Barge, and other educational leaders about concerns over teacher evaluations. But the letter writers have yet to get a reply.

Here is a recent statement from the group, which now counts nearly 50 Georgia educators among its supporters, including many university professors:

Recently the U.S .Department of Education placed Georgia at “high risk” of losing $33 million dollars in Race to the Top (RT3) funds because, in fear of legal issues, Georgia removed the student input portion of their new teacher evaluation.

Well, here’s a radical suggestion: Let the federal government have it all!”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Get Schooled with Maureen Downey
                    – Education group: Let the feds take back Georgia’s Race to the Top millions


2 thoughts on “Georgia Educators Take on the Governor

  1. I don’t know much about the Race To the Top program other than it rewards several things that I categorically disagree with…So I can’t comment too much. In any case, I wanted to share this, though this is mostly about higher education, I think this gentleman has some good points about the education system as a whole. You may enjoy the conversation:

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