My Name is Robert Baker and I am the administrator of The Art of Education. The Art of Education came into being during my first year of teaching due to what I saw and experienced in that year. There seemed to be strife amongst educators over strategies, technology, lessons, methods, theories…..the list goes on and on. Everyone has their own thing that works for them. If it works, I don’t suggest you change. Teachers however, cannot deny the fact that the students are constantly evolving. With that evolution, it is important that teachers evolve as well. This is why this blog came into being. I thought it would be a good idea to share and explore in order to constantly advance the field of education.

About the Site:

You’ll notice at the top there are a couple of tabs. The “Home” tab takes you to the home page which is self explanatory. You are currently on the “About” page which gives a general overview of the site. The tab labeled “Ed. Blog” is the actual blog of the site. It is here that you will find the up to date posts from the contributors. “The Contributors” tab gives a list of authors for The Art of Education. Here you will see a short profile of each of our authors as well as a profile photo. The “Archives” page just lists all posts made on this site. Lastly there is the “Contact Us” tab. If you feel the need to privately share your thoughts with us you can use that tab or, you may use it to submit a post to us.

It should be noted that I encourage and definitely want contributors to this site. We are but a few educators, there are thousands in this country. Anyone that comes across this site that has some sort of interesting and unique strategy or theory that does not mind sharing intellectual property is more than welcome to share. The more, the merrier.

Again, thanks for stopping by The Art of Education. Please take a look around and tell us what you think.